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Joey Ruben


Bull Media specializes in collaborating with brands to grow through Influencer marketing, as well as advising and counseling Influencers on their personal social media platforms. We are able to connect brands with the right Influencers allowing both sides to grow and profit. The founder of Bull Media, Joey Ruben started in the social media business in 2016. Since that time Joey has learned the ins and outs of social media and has made many contacts with large corporations that use social media as their main source of marketing.



Through all of this Joey has learned the largest pitfalls most influencers encounter is how to monetize their accounts once they have grown them and the largest challenges corporations face with influencer marketing is how to find the right influencers and pages to advertise on, this is where Bull Media Group comes in. There are so many individuals that have found instant success on the newest social media platform, TikTok, and have amassed hundreds of thousands to even millions of followers. Their success has come quickly, they have a unique opportunity to financially benefit and need somewhere to turn for advice and counsel. Bull Media is here to advise those influencers, connect them with the brands in search of marketing and ensure both sides will benefit. Joey’s unique experience with social media has given him a unique perspective in this area. Our founder, Joey, has now become a consultant with multiple large corporations, such as Fashion Nova, where he helps connect influencers as well as advising companies on new ways to grow on multiple social media platforms.

Bull Media Group


In just four months, Bull Media Group has amassed a network of over 1.5 followers on his network of influencer profiles. By starting to monetize on its’ own TikTok profiles and learned how to make a profit on this new platform. Joey & Bull Media Group plan on using the combination of knowledge & experience that he has gained from Instagram and TikTok as well as the connections he has made to help influencers turn large profits, Corporations reach the right audience and make the most of each marketing dollar spent. (TikTok data shown here from Bull Media accounts Mar. 2020 – Apr. 2020)



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